ClickToCall is a piece of nifty tech
that seamlessly links website visitors
directly to your contact centre

A bit about ClickToCall

Customers today can be demanding – they decide when, why and how they want to contact you. They may be happy to engage with your business online but, when they want to talk, they expect you to be there in a heartbeat. ClickToCall makes sure you are by enabling web visitors to seamlessly ‘pivot’ from web to phone and speak directly with your contact centre (also allowing them to bypass complex IVR choices and queuing systems).

On top of the ease of getting help when required, it also ensures that the context of their web visit can be passed to the agent taking the call, equipping them with the detail they need to fast-track the enquiry and prevent the need to start again or repeat yourself. This gives a 21st century, joined-up impression that cannot fail to impress.

The web is not the only place people might need to reach out from – you can easily pivot to voice from SMS messaging, chat, or other channels. Wherever you think voice is an appropriate escalation option, utilising callback offers effortless service for customers and high-quality interactions for your business, leading to:

Better sales conversion

It’s simple – talking to customers that have requested a call back, at a time that suits them, means they are more likely to buy.

Higher customer retention

Allowing customers to pivot between online and telephony channels means you hang on to them and make them happy.

Lower operating costs

Lower operating costs – responding to direct customer enquiries means agents are now more effective in achieving target service levels.

Also, the fact that ClickToCall is delivered from a secure cloud means that you need no additional hardware/software to worry about, saving you time and money in implementation.

Although callback deployments may seem prolific now, we’ve been doing this since 1999, made over 1,500 deployments, worked with over 170 brands in over 20 countries, and learned a thing or two in the process. Our expertise and knowledge comes for free, helping you get the best out of any deployment and create real value.

Here are some of the companies we have provided with ClickToCall technology:

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A little extra for the Halifax

ClickToCall helped Halifax improve sales conversion, make some serious bucks, and delight its customers.

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* Forrester Research, Your Customers Don’t Want to Call You, 2016