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Why is ClickToCall better than freephone?2018-03-20T11:32:17+00:00

In both cases the call is free, but with ClickToCall customers don’t have to dial your number or wait in a queue – they simply ask for immediate attention or arrange a call time that’s convenient for them.

Will ClickToCall work in service as well as sales environments?2018-03-20T11:32:17+00:00

Absolutely, although your success measures may be quite different. In sales environments you’ll probably measure success in terms of conversion rates and customer value; in service environments you’re likely to be more focused on customer retention and satisfaction (C-Sat, NPS…). We’re confident you’ll see value in both cases.

How quickly can ClickToCall be implemented?2018-03-20T11:32:17+00:00

The basic service can usually be implemented within a few days, but we’d like to spend a little more time helping you decide what you want ClickToCall to achieve, where it will best fit on your website and the management information you want to capture. In terms of speed, you call the shots.

What does the callback form look like?2018-03-20T11:32:17+00:00

In short, you decide. The design of the form can adhere to your existing style and brand guidelines. Our clients’ callback forms are as varied as their websites.

Will ClickToCall generate more calls than I can deal with?2018-03-20T11:32:17+00:00

In our experience of over 1,500 implementations, ClickToCall hasn’t dramatically increased the number of calls our clients receive, but it has had other impacts on customer satisfaction and sales conversions. You can also limit the number of callbacks that can be requested per 30 minute time slot to ensure you don’t promise more than you can deliver.

What if the customer isn’t there when ClickToCall calls back at the pre-arranged time?2018-03-20T11:32:17+00:00

No problem. If they are engaged or don’t answer, ClickToCall will inform the agent and retry the call according to your rules. If the call goes to voicemail, the agent can leave a polite message (so your customer will know you tried to reach them) and can easily tell the system to retry the call later.

Where in the world can I use ClickToCall?2018-03-20T11:32:16+00:00

You can select which countries you want to allow callbacks from – up to 250 of them covering the globe. Also, the callback request form and voice prompts can be created in any language you require.

Can I configure the system myself or do I have to pay you to do that?2018-03-20T11:32:16+00:00

We’ll help with initial configuration and show you how it works. From there you should be able to manage day to day operations on your own, and of course we’re always on hand if you need assistance or advice.

What kind of MI can I get?2018-03-20T11:32:16+00:00

This depends on how much you would like. In the first instance you’ll get basic telephony information; date, time, numbers called, call durations and so on. More meaningfully, ClickToCall will give you direct customer insight based on the information captured from call request forms. Remember, you design those forms, so you dictate the information that’s captured. ClickToCall will also tell you how well your website is working – which pages generate the most and the best quality calls.

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