We won’t just provide you with the technology –
we’ll stick around after implementation
and help you reach your goals

How we help

Many technology providers like to provide you with the technology – then leave you to figure out how to use it. Fear not, we’ll stick around after implementation and help you reach your goals by helping you:

  • Decide where best to place ClickToCall call to action opportunities to get the right balance of quality and quantity
  • Help you understand how this all fits within a larger contact and customer experience landscape
  • Deliver ‘responsive design’ callback request forms that are quick and easy for web visitors to complete no matter what device they’re using
  • Help you capture insights from the interactions that inform your future ecommerce and customer contact strategies
  • Monitor and fine-tune the performance of your ClickToCall solution, based on lessons learned or changing business needs

In short, be there with you to help whenever we can.

A bit about ContactPartners

Back in 1999, we were among the first to provide enterprise clients with emerging technologies that accomplished many things such as connecting their websites and contact centres. Helping them maximise online sales opportunities and unite their multi-channel marketing activities. Almost 20 years later, ContactPartners  has grown and now, along with providing telephony solutions such as ClickToCall and QueueBuster, we create custom software to help smooth out the snags in customer contact – working with some of the UK’s largest enterprises including high street banks. Our solutions are tailored to your business’ strategic needs and designed to deliver delightful customer experiences, higher revenues, and lower costs.

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A little extra for the Halifax

ClickToCall helped Halifax improve sales conversion, make some serious bucks, and delight its customers.

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