ClickToCall provides the ‘joined up’ service
customers demand, with seamless interaction
between key contact channels

What it does

From improving sales and marketing to being more efficient and customer focussed – ClickToCall has some killer benefits that there’s no doubt your business would like:

Make the sale

  • Rescue abandoned sales as customers can seek assistance when they need it
  • Make it easy for your web visitors to contact you in a fast, free and easy way that suits them
  • Create a joined-up, clever company feeling by not asking customers to repeat themselves, but instead make them feel valued by knowing who they are and what they want
  • Customers can schedule a call for when you’ll be there so you don’t miss out on sales opportunities even if you’ve shut up shop for the day

Customer love

  • Don’t make your website a dead end – or make customers pick up the phone, navigate an IVR that appears to have no choices that fit their need and then wait in a queue for an agent…
  • Instead, give your website a human touch, making you accessible, welcoming and proactive
  • Let’s customers contact you when they want – without waiting on hold
  • Make sure customers don’t need to repeat themselves – pass relevant detail from the web to the contact centre agent, saving everyone time and effort
  • Provides the ‘joined up’ service customers demand, with seamless interaction between key contact channels

Effective and efficient

  • The ability to limit callback volumes to levels you feel you can handle ensures you don’t stretch contact centre resources
  • Scheduling callbacks is not only handy for customers, but it also provides you with a crystal ball to see what’s going to happen in terms of future call volumes
  • Route calls to the right location based on enquiry, customer, time of day…
  • Save call handling time by offering agents relevant information on screen to deal with the query quickly

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A little extra for the Halifax

ClickToCall helped Halifax improve sales conversion, make some serious bucks, and delight its customers.

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